Completed Project

Name of the Project
Project Period
Funding Agency
Project cost 
1 Technical Assistance (TA) for the implementation of Basa Project Solukhumbu Nov-16 Apr-17 The Nepal Foundation  NPR 7982102,
US$ 74599.1
2 Providing Post Implementation Technical Assistance (TA) Services for Livestock shed beneficiaries for their Livelihood Lamjung, Tanahun Jul-16 Mar-17 DFID, UK NPR 3,973,445
3  Initiative for Agriculture Productivity & Commercialization (IPAC) Banke, Dang, Rolpa May-14 Feb-17 iDE Nepal NPR 10,799,580
4 Construction of Livestock Sheds for Earthquake Affected Households for their Early Livelihood Recovery in Lamjung and Tanahun Districts Lamjung, Tanahun Sep-15 Dec-16 DFID NRs 22,086,512 US$ 204,522
5 Market Access & Water Technology for Women (MAWTW) Doti, Kailali, Dadeldhura 1styr – 1 Oct 2013 – 30 Sept 2014 ; 2nd yr – 1 Oct 2014 – 30 Sept 2015; 3rd yr – 1 Oct 2015 – 30 Sept 2016 USAID NPR 16,050,420
6 Post-Earthquake Agriculture Rehabilitation Project Lalitpur 2/12/2073 Feb-16 iDE NPR 2948160
7 Emergency operation: Early Recovery Project Nuwakot Sep-15 Feb-16 Samaritan’s Purse (SP) Rs. 12,269,904
US$ 113,837
8 Emergency operation: Early Recovery Project (EMOP III Phase) Gorkha Sep-15 WFP Rs. 121,504,657
US$ 1,191,690
9 Mother & Child Health & Nutrition ( MCHN ) Program Mugu, Jumla Jun-15 Nov-15 WFP NPR.14363275
10 Pocket area Development Programme Bajhang Dec-17 25/11/2072 PAF NPR 963,300
11 Rural Community Infrastructure work (RCIW) Achham, Bajhang, Bajura &  Mugu Jan-15 Apr-16 WFP NPR 9,667,985
12 Logistic Service for cash/benefit handling and distribution to users committee of Bajhang and Baitadi Bajhang and Baitadi 1-Jul-12 30 -June 2013- GIZ, WFP US$    499,161
13 Assistance to food insecure population in the Mid/ Far West hill and mountain Regions of Nepal Achham and Bajura 1-Jul-12 30-Jun-13 WFP US$  831,252
14 PRRO-RCIW Bajhang, Bajura, Darchula and Dolpa 15-Nov-12 30 –June- 2013 WFP US$ 486,600
15 Sanitation Marketing (San Mark) Scale-up Nepal Program Rupandehi, Kapilbastu & Syangja Feb-12 Dec-12 IDE NPR 4,532,278
16 Education for Income Generation (EIG) Mugu, Humla, Jumla and Dolpa 8-Feb 12-Sep Winrock International/USAID US $ 215,310
17 Market Access for Smallholder (MASF) Syangja 1-Sep Mar-12 DFID US$ 82,034
18 Solar MUS Kavre, syangja, Kaski & Gulmi 15-Feb-12 31-Dec-12 Big Lottery Fund,UK US$    61,400
19 PRRO-RCIW Bajhang, Bajura, Baitadi, Darchula, Dadeldhura and Dolpa 01 –March- 2012 31-Jul-12 WFP US$ 330,493
20 Logistics support and Handling for PRROs Achham and Bajura 1-Oct-11 30 –June- 2012 WFP NPR 343,49
21 Social safety net project on Improving food security, livelihoods, and nutrition in Bajura district of Nepal Bajura 01 –August- 2011 30 –June-2012 WFP NPR15,252,276
22 Logistic Service for cash/benefit handling and distribution to users committee of Bajhang and Baitadi Bajhang and Baitadi 1-Aug-11 30 –June- 2012  WFP   NPR 56,013,220
23 RCIW-PRRO Bajhang & Bajura 1-Dec-08 3-Sep-09 WFP US$ 76,786
24 EMOP Bajura & Dailekh 15-Apr-08 31-Aug-08 WFP US$ 299,433
25 Protecting Livelihood in Crisis (PLIC -I)  Achham, Bajhang, Bajura, Baitadi, Dailekh, Darchula, Doti, Mugu & Udayapur 16-Dec-05 31-Dec-06 WFP US$ 983,004
26 PLIC -II (2007) Achham & Bajhang 1-Apr-07 30-Jun-07 WFP US$ 67,999
27 Emergency Operations Program Bajura, Dailekh & Mugu 1-Jun-06 1-Sep-06 WFP  US$ 471,986
28 EMOP Achham, Bajura, Dailekh & Mugu 15-Mar-07 14-Jun-07 WFP US$ 328,807
29 EMOP Bajura & Dailekh 1-Aug-07 31-Oct-07 WFP US$ 221,066
30 Protracted Recovery and Relief Operations (PRRO) Achham, Bajura & Dailekh WFP US$ 984,686
31 PRRO 2009 Achham, Bajura & Dailekh WFP US$ 1,579,467
32 PRRO 2009 II Bajhang WFP US$ 408,983
33 Logistical Support (WE) Bajhang & Bajura WFP US$ 168,029
34 Drought Response Achham, Bajhang, Bajura & Dailekh WFP US$ 1,424,621
35 PRRO 2009/010 Bajhang WFP US$ 365,005
36 Logistic Handling of Micro Nutrient Powder (MNP) Baitadi, Bajhang, Bajura, Dadeldhura, Darchula, Doti & Kailali WFP US$ 20,345
37 Protecting Livelihood in Crisis (PLIC) Mugu & Dailekh 1-Apr-06 Concern Worldwide NPR 9,413,880
38 PLIC -II Achham & Bajhang 1-Apr-07 30-Jun-07 WFP NPR 11395380
39 Logistical Support Achham, Jajarkot, Dailekh, Doti & Kalikot Helvetas US$ 133,236
40 Quick Impact Programme (QIP) Bajhang, Bajura & Mugu 1-Jan-07 31-Dec-07 UNICEF US$ 360610
41 Hand Washing and Point of Use (POU) Water Treatment Promotion Initiative (HAPPI) Bajhang, Bajura & Mugu 1-Nov-07 30-Jun-08 UNICEF US$ 85763
42 QIP Bajhang, Bajura & Mugu UNICEF US$ 196106
43 Poverty Alleviation Program (Pre-Implementation 061/62) Mugu Fagun 2061 Jestha, 2062 PAF NPR 2084977
44 Economic and Social Inclusion of the Disadvantaged Poor through Livelihood Enhancement with Micro Irrigation Project (LEMI) Makawanpur & Dhading 10/7/2006 31/12/2007 ADB US$ 99941
45 ASHA Program (under Montview Church Foundation Funding) Syanja 9-Oct 9-Sep IDE Nepal US$ 33335
46 Education for Income Generation (EIG) I Yr. Mugu, Humla, Jumla & Dolpa USAID/ Winrock Int’l US$ 404222
47 Enabling Conducive Environment for Promoting Human Rights for Social Transformation Bajura 7-Feb 7-Dec UNESCO US$ 18000
48 Training … on Constituent Assembly, 2007 Syangja 7-Apr 7-Jul CEAPRED/Chemonics Int’l, USAID US$ 8728
49 Enhancing Food Sufficiency through Rural Infrastructure Works (EFSRCIW) Bajhang & Bajura 2-May 5-Apr Danish Embassay US$ 312358
50 The Nepal Smallholders Irrigation Market Initiative Project( SIMI) Syangja Winrock Int’l US$ 179276
51 Food Security, Water and Sanitation, and Nutritional Assistance to Conflict-Affected Remote Communities of Nepal, (Part I – IV) Bajhang Jul-05 October, 2007 Action Contrae La Faim (ACF) US$ 135617
52 Community Development Program in Humla Kalikot Jun-95 Dec-96 SNV US$ 27127
53 Support to Self-Help Organization (SHOPS) Dailekh Oct-93 Mar-97  USAID US$ 138846
54 Market Access for Rural Development (MARD)- CECI Asia Dailekh Mar-97 Aug-00  USAID US$ 529236
55 Grassroots Level Institution Development Gorkha 1991 1998 GDP/GtZ US$ 265144
56 Rural Development Program (RDP) Lamjung Aug-96 4-Mar GDP/GtZ US$ 189862
57 Participatory Chepang Development Project (PCDP) Dhading and Chitwan Sep-96 Aug-99 Danish Embassay US$ 360898
58 Indigenous Tribal Development Project (ITDP) Makawanpur Nov-98 1-Oct Danish Embassay US$ 332023
59 Poverty Alleviation Project with Special focus on Women (PAP) Dhading and Chitwan Jan-00 2-Dec Danish Embassay US$ 301116
60 Promotion of Community Managed Rural Energy Systems Development for Enhanced Rural Livelihoods Okhaldhunga 1-Feb 3-Aug GEF/SGP/UNDP US$ 50000
61 Evaluation of SAPPROS Action Research on Promotion and Scaling of Micro Water Resources for Marginalized Community in Nepal Makawanpur, Chitwan and Dhading Jun-99 4-May Ford Foundation US$ 175000
62 Community Water Supply Project (Batch  I-VI), Development and Implementation Phase) Gorkha, Dhading, Chitwan, Makawanpur, Dolakha 17-Feb-97 5-Apr-09 RWSSFDB  US$ 805089