Who We Are

SAPPROS is a nonprofit organization established in 1991 that works on poverty reduction in Nepal. It has five holistic components of poverty alleviation viz. 1) Organizational Development and Capacity Building, 2) Infrastructure Development, 3) Resource Generation and Mobilization, 4) Income Generation and 5) Environment sustenance. The major activities of SAPPROS are:

  • Development of self-governing type of grassroots level institutions
  • Development of sustainable community infrastructure and community-managed natural resource systems
  • Support to generate sustainable household income and food security
  • Social inclusion in sub-projects (women and disadvantaged groups)
  • Improvement of local capacity to manage and sustain rural development activities
  • Improving the quality of life through social sector interventions
  • Development of an operating model for social mobilization including the training for use of “Sociogram”, a participatory tool for beneficiaries’ self-evaluation.

SAPPROS has a policy of integrating institutions, infrastructure, resource generation and local capacity building. It increases is outreach and impact by targeting multiplier effects of the development of small farmers. It is estimated that close to 74% of the population of Nepal is engaged in agricultural or forestry related employment. Of this proportion of the labor force, it is estimated that 75-80% are small farmers, mostly engaged in subsistence farming and living below the poverty line. SAPPROS believes that alleviating the poverty of this portion of the population will assist the country’s development through consumption, construction of infrastructure, supply and value chain creations and education and health.

Since its inception, SAPPROS has successfully completed various programs worth a combined value of more than US$ 17.63 million. It has an outreach to 0.37 million households, mostly residing in the remote hill and mountain areas. These households have been organized into more than 3700 groups after thorough social mobilization.

Currently, SAPPROS has its own staff strength of 199 specialized in management, engineering, agriculture and social mobilization. It has a modest office at Kathmandu with all required logistic facilities.