1. A study on “Delivery of Rural Development Services” with the assistance of World Bank.
  2. A study of Rural Hill Potentials and Service Delivery Systems with the assistance of IFAD.
  3. Case Studies on Some aspects of Rural Institutional Development (GTZ)
  4. Socio Economic and Grassroots Level Institutional Development Study in Hanspur VDC of Gorkha district for Gorkha Development Programme
  5. Market Linkages Study with the assistance of RUPP/UNDP.
  6. Independent Evaluation of the Programme Activities on Rural Energy Development Programme (REDP/UNDP)
  7. Assessment of QIP in Dailekh and Achham Districts with the assistance of REDP/UNDP.
  8. Assessment of QIP in Bajura District
  9. Studies on some of the Agro-processed Products with the assistance of ITDG.
  10. Study on Best Practices of Micro-hydro with the assistance of ITDG.
  11. Study on Pro-Poor Smart Subsidy Mechanism with Adjustment/ Extension in the Existing Subsidy Policy and Sustainable Institutional Mechanism with the assistance of REDP.