SAPPROS Nepal is a national level non-governmental organization (NGO) established in August 1991. It is amongst the well recognized NGOs in Nepal. It has implemented development activities in 52 districts in the past 25 years and is currently working in 29 districts of the country. The main objective of SAPPROS is to reduce poverty in Nepal. SAPPROS builds people’s organizations, mobilizes local resources and promotes participatory planning and processes at the grassroots level. SAPPROS has reached 390,638 households through various activities. These range from literacy to saving mobilization, income generation and provision of drinking water supply. It has promoted different types of self help groups, users groups, local NGOs, and saving and credit co-operatives. It has been supported by donors such as WFP (Far and Mid Western Development Region), PAF (Far and Mid Western Development Region), IDE funded MAWTW, San MARK (Sanitation Marketing), ANUKULAN, Renewable World funded Solar MUS programme, USAID, Mercy Crop funded PAHAL programme, CAFOD funded Livelihood and WASH Integrated Recovery Project and CBM funded Livelihood Support for Earthquake Affected Population by creating community organizations as platform for reducing poverty.

SAPPROS has made significant achievements in community development, community saving and credit, micro irrigation, access improvement, institution building at local level, human resource development, income generation, school rehabilitation, health and sanitation and moreover the period of 25 years of its existence.

Our five holistic components of poverty alleviation